Community DustWatch

Community DustWatch is a partnership between the community, regional and state agencies and government aimed at monitoring regional dust levels. The Community DustWatch network provides continuous, objective data from instruments that are maintained by community volunteers. Each instrumented site is called a DustWatch Node (DWN). Community volunteers also provides anecdotal observations which greatly assists with the understanding of what causes wind erosion.

Community DustWatch produces:

Reporting tools: CODII (Community DustWatch Information Interface) that allows registered users access to the data and maps via a web portal
Reports: maps, statistics and imagery in a monthly report
Research: publications and information derived from the networks.
Educational information to raise awareness about land management issues.

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Community DustWatch provides continuous, objective data in partnership with the community. The Community DustWatch network…
Browse reports Community DustWatch monitoring reports are produced monthly and recent report are available on…