Continental erosion

What is available

The following maps display Wind Erosion Rates for Australia which have been modeled for every month from Feb 2000 to Jun 2012. The wind erosion rate is the rate that soil is blown away by the wind. It is expressed here as mg/m/s

Each coloured pixel on the map is an area of land 50km x 50 km. You'll notice that wind erosion rates vary across Australia, and also from month to month.

Source: Modelled Wind Erosion, funded by the Caring for our Country initiative. The project uses a computer model (CEMSYS) to produce wind erosion more


Download zip folders at the end of the page "Download attachments". Maps are available as JPEG images of monthly wind erosion rates. Each zip folder is about 2MB in size.

Browse maps online

Click on the thumbnail below to browse the map gallery. Use the controls (play, next, etc) to scroll through the gallery.   {gallery}stories/m/cemsys{/gallery} 






High Resolution Maps (10 km x 10 km)

 10 km x 10 km Resolution Map for 23rd September 2009


Example showing the sand drift (mg/m/s) for Australia at 10 km on 23rd September 2009



High resolution data for is available National on a daily basis for 2002, 2008 and 2009 and NSW/Victoria for 2000,2002, 2008 and 2009 by contacting the project leader Dr Harry Butler. Other periods can be done on demand. 

The methodology used in generating the 10 km x 10 km maps is detailed in the following report:

Butler, H., Leys, J., Strong, C. and McTainsh, G (2013). Wind erosion extent and severity maps for Australia, Final Report for Project No: A0000007341, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, 68pp.



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