Historical accounts of dust storms

Dust storms are a regular occurrence in many parts of Australia, but there are several major dust storms which have made it into the history books. Below are Dust Storm Files - fact sheets which give an account of the extent and severity of the storm, where and how it began, and where the dust was transported to. Download Adobe Reader PDF plugin (free) to view PDF files

23 September 2009

On 22 and 23 September 2009 two cut-off low pressure systems maintained a broad area of low pressure over south-eastern Australia. A cold front stretched from 28°S to 37°S and a large low pressure trough stretched from...read more

Dust Storm File: 23 September 2009


23 October 2002

On 22 October 2002 a fast moving cold front and low pressure system extended from 30°S to 60°S. Wind speeds associated with the front (both on the pre frontal northerlies and post frontal southerlies) were increasing because of the...read more

Dust Storm File: 23 October 2002


2 December 1987

An intense cut off low centred at approximately 35°S and an associated cold front traversed central and eastern Australia 30 November to 2 December 1987. Dust entrainment occurred through out northern South Australia both on the pre-frontal northerlies and the...read more

Dust Storm File: 2 December 1987


8 February 1983

The 1983 Melbourne dust storm followed a year of severe drought for all of south-east Australia. The normally highly productive agricultural Western districts of Victoria (200km from the coast west of Melbourne) suffered well below average rainfall leading to severe degradation of...read more

Dust Storm File: 8 February 1983


25 November 1965

On 23 November 1965 a cut off low and cold front crossed the mainland in the Great Australian Bight. By the 24th the front was arched from central NSW to...read more
Dust Storm File: 25 November 1965


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