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Wind erosion monitoring tools provide support in decision-making, and inform land managers of current land conditions that relate to wind erosion monitoring and management.

What tools does DustWatch provide?

DustWatch provides wind erosion monitoring tools which are freely available on this website:
- Wind Erosion Histories includes interactive web-maps, map archives, and factsheets
- Modelled Wind Erosion data is available as an online web-map and gallery, or on request
- Community DustWatch manages a DustWatch Nodes network of monitoring data

 More information on these tools is listed in the following table:

Wind Erosion Histories

Online tools & information to assist land managers in decision-making


Type of output: Web-maps, Charts, Factsheets & Maps


Access: Online, free access


Organisation/s: DustWatch Australia, Griffith University, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, University of Southern Queensland


Who to contact: Dr Craig Strong, Griffith University

Modelled Wind Erosion

Process-based computer modelling for producing wind erosion data


Type of output: web-map, maps and raw data


Access: online, free access. Contact project manager for raw data.


Organisation/s: University of Southern Queensland, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage


Who to contact: Dr Harry Butler, University of Southern Queensland


Community DustWatch

National network of instruments measuring real-time dust levels


Type of output: Raw data and interpreted monitoring reports


Access: Free online reports of existing instrumentation; Participation in the DustWatch Nodes network program


Organisation/s: Community DustWatch, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage


Who to contact: Dr John Leys, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage


More tools from related projects

The Monitor is an online monitoring tool developed by Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries under the Caring for our Country initiative. It provides a broad range of data for regions across Australia. See the table below for more details. 

 The Monitor

Online tool presents free data to public.

  • weather
  • production
  • climate
  • water
  • commodities

Type of output: Charts, maps, data

How to access: Online, free access

Organisation/s: DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

Who to contact: The Monitor (contact now external link)


Additional links to monitoring tools:

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