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Coverage of major dust storms

The dust storm of 23 September 2009, nicknamed 'Red Dawn', affected most of the east coast of Australia. Major cities, notably Sydney, experienced the dust.

- DustWatch coordinators provided information to the media as it happened (including ABC 7:30 Report external link & a media release external link)

- Factsheets are available that describe major dust storms, including the storm of September 2009. Browse factsheets >

- DustWatch coordinators have published a scientific paper about the 'Red Dawn' dust storm. The research estimated that 2.54 million tonnes of soil was lost from Australia as a result of the storm [1]. View article > external link

Educational programs

The DustWatch group established School DustWatch in 2006. The program ran in several schools in remote central Australia. More info:
- read more about School DustWatch
- visit the website
- read the newspaper article external link.

Full list of media publications

Dust storm clouds east coast

ABC 7:30 Report, 23 September 2009

URL: external link  

Dust in our Veins

ABC Online Science photo gallery. 2010.

 URL: external link

Dust Readings off the Chart

NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change. 23 September 2009.

 URL: link

Out in the desert - a science project

The Australian, author: Guy Healy.  12 December 2007.

 URL:,25197,22909039-13881,00.html external link

Eastern Australia braces for dust summer

Griffith University, Australia. 10 October 2007

Livelihoods in desert Australia from managing natural and cultural resources: DustWatch possibilities

URL: external link

DustWatch: community networks to improve wind erosion monitoring in Australia


URL: external link


Bush Telegraph, ABC Rural. Monday 25 July 2005.

URL: external link



 [1] Leys JF, Heidenreich SK, Strong CL, McTainsh GH & Quigley S. 2011. PM10 concentrations and mass transport during “Red Dawn” – Sydney 23 September 2009. Aeolian Research 3 (3): 327-342. View article > external link




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